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Man stabbed at Sydney airport

Australian police were Tuesday hunting a man who stabbed a chauffeur in front of shocked passengers at Sydney airport in a carjacking gone wrong.

Detectives said it appeared the culprit, in his 20s, stole a rental car but was forced to abandon it after he crashed into a mini-bus outside the arrivals area at the domestic terminal on Monday evening.

Barefoot, he ran from the wreckage to where the chauffeur was sitting in his own vehicle and tried to steal it.

"The chauffeur managed to kick the man away, however he was stabbed in the leg in the process," police said in a statement.

The man then sprinted towards a woman waiting nearby to load baggage into her car boot.

She initially refused to hand over her keys but gave in when he threatened to stab her too and he fled the airport in her silver Mercedes.

Inspector David Cattell told ABC radio the chauffeur, 38, was lucky to escape without major injury.

"He's very lucky that it wasn't more serious," he said.

"The female was obviously shocked and distressed by the incident but was safe and unharmed."

In March 2009, a 29-year-old man died after being bludgeoned with a bollard and stabbed in the chest and abdomen during a brawl in a departures area at Sydney Airport between rival motorcycle gangs.


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